[EU/ESP] Exile Raiders PVPVE x1 Server 25.10.19

We recently created a new server (25.10.19) for the players that mainly play in the Mornings. We know that some players got more activity in Mornings, so we want to give some chance to this players to be active during Sieges.

We give support in English and Spanish, so the main language in chats will be both of this.

Actually the server got 20 slots, if the activity of players requires more slots, we are able to add.

We are two active Admins. We also planning make some kind of Events to make server more fun.

Server Settings:

Player Xp = 1
Harvest = 1
Thrall = 0.8 (Tame faster than normal)
Day Time Speed = 0.8 (Longer days)
Night Time Speed = 1.2 (Shorter nights)
Food & Water Wear = 1.2 (Consumes faster)
Gear Wear = 0.8 (More durability)
Clan Size = 6
God Avatars = Disabled

Level = 6
Delay = 10 Min
Max Duration = 30 Min
Weekdays = Disabled
Weekends = 10:00 - 22:00

[Siege Time]
Weekdays = 10:00 - 14:00
Weekends = 10:00 - 14:00

Game Rules:

  • One base for clan, as big as you want. Wheels near of base.
  • Allow 3x3 bases for fast respawn if die.
  • Constructions near Bosses/Cities not allowed (respawn block).
  • Cheating, hacking, exploiting and irrespectful will be punished.


Contacts via Discord.

We invite you all to participate in this new community and enjoy with us.

Thank you!

Hello again,
We added Pippi Mod to easily Config and Maintenance Server.
We added a Starter kit from lv 1 to lv 10 and some available extra commands.
All the info in Discord.