+encumbrance setting... HELP

Hello! I own a g-portal server and i accidentally clicked a few time on the +encumbrance button … so now all players on my server have a big ton of encumbrance points and Id like to fix that. Still no button to reset normal encumbrance on admin panel… can anyone help… Devs? Fellow server admins? Also, adding to the weight multiplier didnt change a thing…


You’ll need to use Pippi, a mod for this.

Or some decent MySQL wizardry on your database.

I recommend the former over the latter unless you know what you are doing.


I’m using Pippi, but i cant find any way to fix my problem

Any idea if it’s fixable with pippi? Cant seem to find a way to do that

Go into the Pippi control panel, check the box that shows offline players, then adjust them one by one to have the proper values.

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