Status on Encumbrance Multiplier Server Settings Bug (Gportal)

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Online Private
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Server type: [SELECT ONE] PvE
Region: [ Please enter your server region ] USA
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: Yes | No ] YES
Edition: [ Select one: Steam

Bug Description: These Steam Basic Setting Features does not work when you change the Gportal Server Settings on Player Encumbrance Multiplier it does not change the player’s encumbrance or weight on items. These settings are not shown in the in-game’s settings so is this a non-existent feature in Gportal or a server side bug that is still being worked on?

The Player Encumbrance Penalty Multiplier I did not really test much so can’t say for certain it works or not Also not listed on the in-game settings. Less pressing issue.


Installed Mods:

If you answered ‘Yes’ to using mods, please list all your active mods. Otherwise, skip or delete this section.

Yes, I have 47 mods (currently).

|1|Pippi – User & Server Management| 20.2 |Admin Mod with Special Placeables|
|2|Mythos: Greystone Building Pieces| 797.5 |Foundations/Building Pieces|
|3|Stygian Building Kit| 50.0 |Foundations/Building Pieces|
|4|Dark Age Building Reforge Split| 165.9 |Foundations/Building Pieces|
|5|Northern Timber| 717.4 |Foundations/Building Pieces|
|6|Thrall War Decorations| 93.6 |Foundations/Building Pieces and Placeables|
|7|Desert Town| 856.1 |Foundations/Building Pieces and Placeables|
|8|Cathedrals| 1,733.8 |Foundations/Building Pieces|
|9|Dudes Delightful Decorations| 1,185.0 |Foundations/Building Pieces and Placeables|
|10|Ancient Civilization| 1,069.8 |Foundations/Building Pieces and Placeables|
|11|Limestone Building – A Greek Server Mod| 186.0 |Foundations/Building Pieces|
|12|SH - Building Kit| 68.6 |Building Pieces|
|13|Savage Steel| 943.7 |Placeables|
|14|Savage Steel vol II| 431.6 |Placeables|
|15|Deco & Placeables| 2,039.8 |Placeables|
|16|Frost and Volcanic Placeable| 0.4 |Placeables|
|17|Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2| 1,136.6 |Placeables|
|18|Shadows of Skelos - Extended| 1,239.8 |Placeables|
|19|Exiles Extreme| 778.1 |Placeables and Gear|
|20|Emberlight| 496.7 |Placeables and Gear|
|21|Immerse RP: Buildings & Placeable Décor| 780.5 |Placeables|
|22|Lemurian Architect| 803.3 |Foundations/Building Pieces and Placeables|
|23|Glass Constructions and more…| 1,134.7 |Foundations/Building Pieces|
|24|ExtendedCartography| 2.4 |In-game map teleporters (obelisks)|
|25|Stun Bow| 3.5 |Gear: Arrows that stun|
|26|Simple Achery Overhaul| 2.3 |Game Feature (Archery)|
|27|Martial Combat| 14.8 |Game Feature (Martial Combat) & Gear (weapons)|
|28|NOPeR’s Lighted Power Stones (Wearable Torches)| 0.8 |Gear (Wearable bracelets that light like torches)|
|29|The Darkwoods| 371.2 |Map Addition (Northeast Corner)|
|30|River Boats of the Exiled Lands| 1,219.1 |Dungeon, River Boats, outpost and cities|
|31|Extended Map - Curse Wall Removal| 2.5 |Map Addition (Removes Cursed walls)|
|32|Fashionist| 10.2 |Gear and Game Feature (Armor stations, gear fashion appearance)|
|33|MCPWidgets| 0.2 |Admin Mod|
|34|ModControlPanel| 0.3 |Admin Mod|
|35|Pythagoras Support Beams| 44.5 |Building Pieces|
|36|LBPR – Additional Features| 599.1 |Placeables and Building Pieces|
|37|Less Building Placements Restrictions| 1.4 |Game Feature (Foundations/Building Pieces and Placeables)|
|38|Better Thralls| 0.8 |Game Feature (Thrall management)|
|39|Thrall Side Kick| 0.3 |Game Feature (Thrall management)|
|40|Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded| 1.1 |Game Feature (levels, customization of levels, legendary chests available at 30)|
|41|Unlock Plus (with Pickup)| 18.2 |Game Feature (locking mechanism / pick up any item)|
|42|Stacksize Plus| 0.3 |Game Feature (increase stacking of items by a multiplier)|
|43|Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - Revamped!| 18.9 |Game Feature (UI and Minimap)|
|44|Improved Quality of Life| 4.1 |Game Feature (UI, Character Editor and Minimap)|
|45|Greater Camera Distance| 0.2 |Game Feature (Farther Camera views)|
|46|Amunets Server Transfer| 0.6 |Game Feature (Server Transfers)|
|47|Savage Wilds| 1,341.8 |New Map (for Savage wilds server)|

Steps to Reproduce:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. Please be as detailed as possible; the more details, the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Step 1 Set server to 0.25 multiplier (restart server)
  2. Step 2 Set Server to 0.80 multiplier (restart server)
  3. Step 3 Checked official servers as a comparison, set server to 0.25 multiplier (restart server)
  4. Etc. Its been on 0.25 for months (lost track how long I left this setting - at least since April)

Thank you for your assistance on this matter.

On a side note, I noticed that there a few other settings only shown in Gportal. I never played with them, but curious if they are active or inactive features.

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