Endless arrow, can they only be stone?

I did try to search to find the answer to this. I am not sure if I am trying the wrong process, but I am wondering if perhaps is intentional.

If I try and give a thrall a bow and a steel arrow for example, they seem to unload the steel arrow and load a stone one that they pull out of thin air.

I have tried putting the arrows on the bow then giving the bow to a thrall. Or giving both to the thrall and then dropping the arrow on their bow in their inventory. They always unload back to stone.

Is this a balance thing so they only ever have low damage arrows as they no longer use up arrows? Or am I just loading them wrong?

If I give them 100 steel arrows, will they use them and then switch to endless free stone arrows?

Thanks in advance

Working as intended. Arrow barrels have been suggested, but best you can do is just load them up on good arrows.

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Thanks very much. I was pretty sure it was meant to be like this, and at least now its not just some fiddly way to load the arrows that I am missing.

The benefit is that archer thralls never run out of arrows. I’m assuming it’s obvious that this is better than archers who do nothing at all when they run out of ammo.

The idea behind it is that your archers will always do something, even when they run out of ammo, rather than just standing there, but if you want them to do extra damage then you need to provide them with better arrows.

On the upside, if you give them a good bow they’ll always get the damage bonus from the bow even if they run out of ammo. Many people find that they’re happy with just putting a good bow on the thrall and then never giving them arrows, but this also gives people the option of making better ammo for the thralls if they want that extra damage.

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Could be a good perk for lvl 20 , nothing drastic - but an upgrade to iron for example would be useful and imho it wouldn’t drastically affect gameplay ( in PVE )

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I don’t know many people who are happy with archers in the first place. They tend to perform better with melee weapons than with bows.

Well, from our clan’s point of view, we long ago wiped the “ordinary” archers from the walls of our base for purges - they were (almost) worthless.

From what I recall we have two that we use as companions . My friend has Narcissa Farsight as a “tank” because she has 8.8k HP but doesn’t give her a bow anymore , she only has daggers.
I use Hunter Dennu , more or less for the same thing … 7,9k HP is not bad and with Red Mother bow and Axe of gate guardian it is decent as both archer and melee fighter - but it is a fact that with axe it has much more dmg

archers - and by that I mean true archers and not warriors with bows should get a massive buff to dmg with bows
for example, through perks that only they will have, just like pets have their own perks

If you have them on Follow, agreed. I was talking about base defense.

Well, I haven’t heard much praise for archers even as base defenders either. Can you tell me what has changed, or what has been discovered, to make them useful in this regard?

I’ve heard of some people using star metal arrows to kill Purge golems, but as you specified “never giving them arrows”, this doesn’t apply.

Because just from personal experience, I’m not impressed. The best my level 20 archers with legendary bows and a decent ranged multiplier seem to do is draw some aggro.

Are you just placing them on the ground, or putting them on top of a structure using an archer post to anchor them in place?

I’ve found that archers with good armor & equipment can help a great deal with purges (and with base defense, although that’s obviously much less important on PvE which is how I play. I can’t speak to archers in PvP no matter how they’re equipped).

Having a dozen archers (even if they’re not fully leveled up yet) to lay down a good base of fire covering the area where you channel the purge to enter your base makes purges a lot easier.

I’ve tried archer posts. Those at least make the archers more consistent in their behavior. The damage they do is still negligible.

Then I suggest there’s something you’re overlooking. I’m not saying that to be argumentative, all I can say is that my tribe uses them a lot and they’re an important part of our purge defenses.

Obviously archers can’t win a high-level purge by themselves. But with 8-12 archers and a well designed defense purges are basically trivial until Lvl 8-10.

p.s. If you’re playing on an official server (or even an unofficial server with a large player population) then I assume it’s obvious your results won’t be as good. A low population server will always perform better than a high population server, and that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your base defenses. No matter how good your archers are they won’t be of much help if bad server performance is causing them to just stand there doing nothing, then again neither will melee thralls.

So if you’re on a high-population server then take everything I’ve said with a big grain of salt. Otherwise, my suggestion is that you should take a look at how your defenses are set up.

Nope, just Single-Player (so no issues related to server overload). There’s a rhino spawn near my base, and between two level 20 archers with legendary bows and the infinite stone arrows, all they manage is to annoy the rhino.

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