Endless loading screen bug (ps5 ) server 3052 PvE Conflict

Pve-c 3054 15:00 pm the server does not log in :confused:

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Same on 3052, no access on pvp time

The last week I was able to login everytime I want. (3052)
Whatever funcom has done it helps also with loading doors and placables. Everything was there after two minutes. That was nice to see.

I don’t played since Saturday so i don’t stuck in the loading screen for now… if it’s back again I hope they found the solution or a workaround. Maybe they need to do it once a week.

Yeah 3052 worked fine a week or so but this week theres no access on pvp time on any day :disappointed:

Yeah it seems the infinite load bug is back on server 3054. I’m not sure if support checks these old threads still or if we should create a new report about our server? But I really would like it fixed asap. I found performance terrible lately since it was either fixed from last time or if it just started working again by itself anyway so hopefully it will get fixed properly this next time. There is definitely something wrong with the server somewhere though. It’s unacceptable that these issues continue. :frowning:

Maybe restarting server twice a day will help? It’s easy to do. I play on 3052 and can log in in the morning after server restart. Problems start in the afternoon and evening. Adding another restart around 15:00 could help

19:50 pm cet can’t login.

This suggestion was made two years ago when this starts happen on 3052. But they didn’t do this.
I don’t know if its even possible on g portal. But anyway it will not help for ever. After a couple of time you are only able to login for few minutes after server restart

It is possible on Gportal. I had private server rented 3 years ago, you can schedule restarts even every 1 hour. I had 2 a day on mine, to refresh from lag

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So today I will lose one outpost. Because I wasn’t able to login the last days. And today in the morning I was able to login but I was waiting 1,5 h and still no doors

And again server 3052 is not accessible, 3 hours after restart. Endless loading screen…

Last week I on Saturday I was able to login at 8 am cet.
Today not anymore. So it seems that we are at the state of the last time where you only could login few minutes after server restart

Two days now 3052 is broken. Funcom any update?

Hello guys/gals did they fixed your sever? I play on PC and on server 1977 we are suffering from Theo same problem.

Guys/Gals linked your topic with mine to show that it are a serious problem that many player are suffering, please let’s gather together to press and to help it be solved soon.

Funcom closed my previous bug report claiming i should send a ticket to zendesk under the server performance server, bu zendesk never dignates even to restart the server. Think the trully intention was:


No noone has done anything as usual and bases are decaying.

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Two or three weeks ago something was done what helps for a few days.

Another thing I mentioned the last times I was online. The version/revision in the pause menu has something like backend_2 what I don’t remember earlier. I wanted to check this on other servers but forgot about this. Maybe today I will check this.
I think they trying to do something. I hope the next patch will have a solution or something else. It’s seems to me that it’s something with the server. Specially for pvec.

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Main problem here: FC know that there’s an issue with server not being accessible. Peoples bases decay in the meantime because nobody from FC can be bothered to change decay time to two or three weeks temporarily ,so players will not lose their stuff.

They closed my bug report two times today i gave up. I will end up being banned on forums too.