Endless loading screen bug (ps5 ) server 3052 PvE Conflict

Tbh, they are aware of it and here is a dev reply and a report received tag.
But if they just turn off the decay timers like the last times the anger here wouldn’t be the same.

Everyone would know they are working on it. But maybe that is a tactic that they wait for everything decays and maybe the problem is solved then.

The last time they also had some clones of the server and tested. If I rember correctly then the problem don’t appear on the cloned one. So that wasn’t helpful.

But where is the one who solved this last time?

My base on 8023 siptah shows now decay timer 336 hours? Has the decay time been increased?

yes, due to the "authentication failed " error. Dont know if it afect consoles but in pc most o players could no login in for above 3 or 4 days. Seems that it was fixed yesterday and decay timers increased till they discover and solve the problem definitivelly

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Not saying they shouldn’t voice their grievances at all. I’m pretty vocal in here and have called out what I thought was unfair treatment of customers a number of times. It’s in the delivery. Stamping your feet, threatening legal action, slinging insults will do no more than coming in a bit more civilly. I’m not trying to pad funcoms arse, but at the end of the day you guys are only working yourselves up for no recompense. I lost all my stuff early on in the first pve-c dramas. If you get yourself banned in here you won’t have any voice at all :man_shrugging:

Yes they pushed it to 14 days.

3052 loadingscreen… But good that the timers are 2 weeks now. Was able to login Sunday morning 2h after server restart.

I don’t know if it makes sense to wait for a solution. Are there working pvec exile land servers?
Or is this issue spread to every server now?

3054 is completely closed since Saturday, even at 6 am you can’t log in


I am exited what we get when they solve it after month or years :see_no_evil:

We’d let you know… if only we could actually get ingame to see!

Yeah, a fab rare farming event that soo many of us cannot enjoy as we STILL cannot get ingame @Mayra @Community

It’s been a LOT longer than 4 weeks…

I don’t think they check this thread anymore, I have certainly gave up on the game for now. I just came back to see if this issue has been solved but no surprise really that it hasn’t. I might try again when chapter 3 drops hopefully it’s fixed by then.

Unbelievable… 1am cet and I can login. 4h before the server restarts… And after 1 minute my whole base was loaded…
That gives me hope that something happened.
@Community can you tell us something here? Because if you have done something on 3052 the last days it works. But it also works some weeks ago for a few days.

Ok today I have again the loadingscreen / bluescreen…

Maybe yesterday it was only working for me to make some screenshots of my base :sweat_smile:

Today i wanted to go for some sorcerer skulls

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Prolly majority of server got wiped out due to infinite loading screen bug , here’s your reason why everything loaded so smoothly. I’ve witnessed it too but that was for 1 day or so. After that same lagged out nightmare with doors, benches, chests not loading and enemies teleporting arround you.

same on pc guys the server worked by the morning but at 12h crashed everyone logged in and no one was able to login back.

It worked even at night for me this one day. But since then I can not login anymore.

So I think it will not be solved until next chapter.
Currently I am playing siptah but I am alone there. Siptah is now for sale and asked my friends to join but they said it’s not worth it if the basegame don’t work and they even don’t respond or giving us hope they will give us a solution. And they are completely right

Also I would like to buy the battlepass again after I spend the cc for stormglas set. But not at this siutation. That is not nice just to ignore and wait for I don’t know what.

Just give us a statement even if you say you don’t know if you can fix this before the next chapter…

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I pray for it, im with a foot on a private server and other on official that are more than 2 week bugged some times work and most of time not. When i put my feet on a modded server it will be bye bye bazaar whyt to buy what mods deliver for free. I strongly wanted to support the game, even with the cashshop stuff being overpriced and not regionalized prices on steam. Despite of it i bougth almost everything they released, because i love this game and wants to support it. But they thank us with silence and indiference to the point that they even not issue a server restart when we need it.


From time to time I have the idea to start a private pvec with official settings. Then of course invite everyone who is affected because of this here.
Of course there are no mods on console what I already accepted that they never are. But I don’t want to make this admin work if I have no tools.

If someone spam the server I don’t even know who is it. Only if I see them live while online and build their base. So no chance to message them or blacklist them. And there are always trolls that just want to destroy others fun.

Loading screen….