Endless loading screen bug (ps5 ) server 3052 PvE Conflict

Loading screen for me too at 3052 now

Yeah there was no fix in the update.

Was hoping that this is for the loading screen.

But 3 pm and I can not login

I tried at 7 this morning, then couple times later today. Nothing, stuck on loading screen.

I don’t know if this has been posted here, but a possible fix could be clearing your ps5 or ps4 cache or rebuilding the database. Start it in safe mode or just google how to clear cache.

It will reset some very simple settings in the system, but I have read that the files it saves over time can become corrupted or broken and they may affect how a game connects and loads online.

I never really experienced this issue, once or twice maybe, but I do regularly clean the cache and rebuild data base.

Once again both options are available in the safe start mode. When the ps5 is off, hold the power button when you turn it on, until you hear a second beep.

This isn’t client related. Nobody can login to this servers that have this problem.

Greetings Exiles, I’m here to inform you that you have been exiled from Exiled Lands.

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I do that all the time, it doesn’t do anything. Will we finally get any information from @Community @Mayra @Ignasi are you working on something in this matter??

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Last time I was able to login to 3052 was monday since then nothing, this morning nothing.

Me too.
Hope they fix it before the new chapter so i can get my battlepass rewards

They didn’t even mention if they are doing something about it. Complete lack of communication from their side.

Theres logging in problems now on pc and boy arent funcom managers commenting there right away, we PS players are not important enough to get help or comment sadly

Yes no connection problems to fc live services but stillt not able to login.

Today I logged in at 7. Outpost gone and demolished, base decay timer was on 25 hours, close.

Was able to login too few minutes ago.
But don’t know if it makes any sense anymore.
Don’t want to login at8 am on Sundays to refresh my decay timer and waiting next to month for a fix. I would like to play the chapter before it ends

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Last time it happened they rolled the servers back after they fixed it. If loads of people lose shit then I’d say they will do the same again. Chucking a tantrum in here will achieve absolutely nothing.


Here is an example of them rolling back numerous servers which they do indeed keep backups of.
I’m not saying they will 100% do that this time but if enough people on the server lose their stuff it’s not out of the question.

The new update is on testlive now, it says it has console fixes but if its a fix for our ”little” problem here nobody knows because nobody tells anything from funcom.

Maybe if Funcom would just acknowledge it, instead of ignoring the issue for nearly 4 weeks. Support tickets are even being ignored and people being removed from the forums, would you like them to just shut up and be quiet?

When people are ignored they usually shout louder

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