Endless loading screen bug (ps5 ) server 3052 PvE Conflict

So back to square one. Tried now and nothing

The best would be if this issue spreads over all server modes and every single official server has it. I am sure then they will do something… Like the last time. 1 year long a we are looking into it for 3052 but then only 3 month when it hits every single pvec server

Yesterday when I started siptah I was a little bit shocked because my doors and placables where not there. It takes 1 minute before they load in.

Saw this the first time but what I also saw is that I had a ping of 120… Usually its 33 or 60. I don’t know it the ping could be related to this.

Maybe this virus is spreading over other servers now

Its a few minutes after server restart now and yes you guessed it already no access.

The game just kicked me out in middle of a dungeon and now I can’t get back it let me on infinity loading screen please fix this, by the way I try to log in another servers and I can’t at any one not even solo

Its on now, logged in very quickly. I suppose in couple of hours bug will be back, in afternoon like always.

10 am cet i am able to login.
And all stuff loads in after only 1 minute. I hope I can play later… Friday 10 am is not the time I want to play video games

Yesterday I was able to access, this morning no loading screen.

Saturday, playtime and I can not login.

Wow, I see that drama continues. I managed to log in few days ago, sort out my most precious loot and filled my entire inventory with it. I went somewhere secluded i logged off there. My body will eventually dissapear from the server with all that precious loot inside my inventory saved and safe. It’s called body vaulting. I suggest y’all do the same.
Playing on official european PVE-C server was a lagged out nightmare. You log into your base and there’s no benches, no chests only thralls. You place something like a chest on a ground and it doesn’t show it - the chest is invisible. Y’all know the routine… How I can even PvP in sucha lag?
Now this infinite loading screen that prevents you from logging into server with no response from FunCrom like turning off decay timers for time beeing.
Since I slayed sleeping naked on Noob River I feel in love with PVE-C mode xD But I’m not returning to it on Exiled Lands untill official servers as running smooth as PvE servers.

Same here on pc, i was logged in, 6pm o clock, game crashed to desktop and server does no respond anymore. now is inifnite loading screen till 4am. Every day, everyday. Do you guys/gals have acess to logs in the console? My log keep saying “skkiped next bunch due to channel <> is not fully open” I would like to know if anyone noticed it too.

On console it doesn’t display any logs

Of course you have the normal ingame eventlog, but no log about the connection or server state. And never saw this message

And this morning no access :worried:

Yesterday was messing around with logs config and i found and option the log more detalied info, and some error with albino komodo was pooping out in the logs, may could it be the cause? Also a lot of dlc item messages in log telling they was not found.

This morning I was able to access 3052 without issues which was suprising. I still think theyve just left out or overridden the code that fixed this problem before but thats just my opinion on the matter.

for sure someone forgot to merge the fix in the main branch

A fix for this issue has been released today. I hope we will return safely to our homes. Do a console database reset soon. Exile greetings

Some new patch?

great news hope they lauch it to pc too

Still cannot log in to 3052 so guess nothing changed with last patch