Endless Loading Screens

I keep getting stuck in loading screens. Not all the time, but often enough that it’s becoming a pain.
Is this a problem from my end or the games? I don’t recall this happening before the Onslaught update.
Any help will be appreciated.

it happens since not so long ago (i would say a few months), but before onslaught patch.

Problem has been happening for me for a few years now.

It’s kinda rare but much more frequent when there are network issues on my side or when the servers themselves are laggy.

Ok guys. So an issue for others it seems. Guess it’s a case of put up with it or move on :frowning:

Maybe try a fresh windows install, helped me with some issues, like crashes and stuff. Or a reinstall of the graphics driver helps sometimes.

I have no problems with loading screen, getting stuck while loading or anything like that. Maybe try to repair game data?

It has always been like that as long as it play the game. Afik nearly everyone experiences it from time to time but not frequently.