Endurance cost multiplicator bug

Game mode: [Online | JcE-C]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

Since the update, I can not change the endurance cost multiplicator to 0.5 through the server administrator panel. And even via Gportal, I can not find the line on the ServerSettings.ini file or it does not work. Can you help me? Thank you

PlayerStaminaRegenSpeedScale = 0.5
PlayerStaminaCostMultiplier = 0.1
PlayerStaminaCostSprintMultiplier = 0.2
StaminaCostMultiplier = 0.1
PlayerStaminaMultiplier = 1.5


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Watch video

I could not watch video but I believe they disabled some or most of the settings within the in game admin panel. You have log into your cloud server. Turn it offline. Make changes. Save and turn server back online. I think they did this because of stability. Changes made in game were never permanent without server restart anyways. I do not know about solo/co-op servers since they different than multi-player online. Also the sliders have set amounts. If you move past .5 to .1 then back it will only go back up to .6 then 1.1 by .5 for each slide. I don’t know what each slider value is in game but I do know several are as I stated.

Yes I saw that the options varied significantly. I know that normally it is necessary to restart it but I do not find the good line of code or the good values ​​for arrived at 0,5. Before I could change it via the admin panel PS4 but actually it might have crashed the server. I do not know…

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