[ENFORCER] The best PvE setup

So back in 2009 I made the best PvE enforcer setup and posted it on the old forums. Since then, I have done some upgrading along the way, quit AO, returned to AO and so on and so forth. My setup still remains the best PvE setup and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Note: Since Auno hasn’t been updated in a long time and I am unaware of any other site that lets you make an equipment configuration, I have had to use Auno to show you the equipment. Not all the items are in the DB so I have either left them blank or put something there that is similar.


First, replace all the jathos and the ofab helm with awakened beast armor (including back and left shoulder), the neck is an awakened token board, I use the dust brigade protector module in utils 3 but if I want I can use ancient protective drone for an extra 10 HD. For right shoulder I use the SSC Bastion. The mediblade is in my left hand (cant put the blade in left hand on auno) and the xan of hatred in the right. Deck 3 and 4 are the infused versions. The filigree ring is not QL400, its like 249 and gives +7 HD, I dont wear it that much but I have it in case I want to go crazy… I use ring of summoned terror in its place.

For some extra self HD I have a blood circle graft and alapaa stims (+2). With no buffs running (blood circle, alapaa and CR) I have 353 HD standing, 357 with graft. With doc HD buff and graft its 422. If I swap out the few items I can get 441 HD.

Why use the medi-blade? It heals every time you hit with it. The heal ranges from 50-150

How much does mongo heal for? 1750+550 on cast (2250 total), and then the hot kicks in (550) until recharge.

What is the point in all of this? The point is maximizing what this setup shines at, which is healing.

353 HD = 10590 healing per minute (HPM)
418 HD = 12540
Mongo cast = can cast 12 times a minute for 27k HPM
Mongo hot = 16500 HPM
Mediblade = 2000-4000 HPM

There are a variety of factors that will determine your healing so its safe to say with my setup the range of healing can be 55k-60k per minute. That is just from casting mongo, you combine stims, bio rejuv or blessing of life and other things (such as doc and fixer hots) then it goes up.

Also, because I am in full beast gear I get a CH every 3 minutes so even more tricks up the sleeve.

“Ha! What a dumb setup you probably gimped yourself in DD and evades!” No, my setup is comparable, if not better than other setups when it comes to defense. As is, I have 1173 AAD, 1717 Clsc, 1633 dodge, 1662 duck.

What about damage? Well, enforcers weren’t meant to be huge damage dealers, but damage isn’t a problem, I have my 1he line and various perks like many others. Damage is always subjective considering you can focus on crit and add damage with any profession and it will do more damage than those that dont who are the same profession.

What about health and nano? 57k, 13k.

Do you run out of nano? No, unless drained. It is really annoying to get NT buffs, filling up my damn NCU.

Well hopefully I hit everything, feel free to ask questions, hate on it, or love it but at the end of the day, it IS the best PvE setup.

Thanks for the setup, love a HD focused enfo. Quick question: did you work towards this from the start in stages, or get all the bits and switch over? i.e. would you hold off on medi-blade until you can go all out HD.

I didn’t really work towards this, I met someone that used an HD foot implant and thought that was cool. It wasn’t until enhanced jathos was introduced did I make the full on switch. Back in the day a foot implant like mine was 1-2b credits (which was a lot back then) so I cant recall if I wore it as soon as I got one or I held off until new items were introduced that boosted HD and make it shine a little bit more.

I may have been running around dual 1he until the medi blade was introduced and I threw that on.

So, in short, no one has ever done what I have done so there was no real guide or a goal to work towards with gear wise. I just put stuff on that benefited the setup as it was introduced in game.

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