Enhanced wolf notr

The wolf I used the totemic fodder on is not getting stat leveling bonuses from the food I give him. I have not used other pets so I don’t know if this bug exists on all pets are just those that use the fodder.

Edit: Just to clarify. I am speaking of the stat increase CHANCE received from eating the foods listed in their character screen. In other words where I should be seeing a 14% increase chance for a vit point for feral flesh there is no display for that increased chance.

They don’t automatically get points in attributes affected by the food. Specific foods only bump the chances to get points in particular attributes. Even if it is 99% with food, it is not guaranteed.

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I didn’t say it was. I’m saying the increased chance isn’t there at all. For instance they’re supposed to be getting an increased chance of 14% to get a vit point for feral flesh, but they aren’t getting that increased chance, or if they are it’s not being displayed.

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Not one of my followers is getting stat bonuses from any food at all. It just helps them heal.

Certain foods give a percentage chance for a stat increase. These foods are displayed in your followers main screen at the bottom when you interact with them. So no, food isn’t just for healing. And again, I’m not talking about stat bonuses, I’m talking about the stat increase CHANCE.

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Ok, clarified. But the stat bonuses have gone, right?

No, just changed. You can still get an increased chance for a stat point and you can still get perks that increase your stats. All that’s the same, it’s just the attributes themselves that have changed.

Ok, the confusion is real here :joy:
NVM, I’m sure I’ll find another game to play soon enough.

I don’t mean to discourage you. If you’re new to the game you’ll pick it up pretty quick. But right now I’m just trying to report a bug and am frustrated with people seeming to misunderstand me. I didn’t realize I was being that unclear.

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Did you make sure he actually eats the food? Because this “bug” has been around for ages prior to 3.0 too that they simply don’t eat the food you give them until they get health damage in combat and only then the bonus shows up.

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Nah, with 5200 hours+, I really can’t consider myself new, but thanks for the concern. It’s all good.

Yes, they are eating the food and are healing from eating it. But they are either not getting the increase in stat chance or it’s not being displayed.

Yeah. They eat alright but where the bonuses used to show it’s now just blank. All I see is a faster healing rate.

Either we are speaking of different things or something is wrong. On thralls I am still getting the increase stat chance. I have not checked other pets yet but on this pet I am not getting the stat increase chance.

I’ll plump for the latter. I reckon I am seeing a bug of some sort. That’s what prompted my response.

Okay, tested it
You are correct indeed

I leveled him a bit and tried various foods (it seems the food tooltips are also wrong)
It also appears to only apply to the skinned wolf, the standard one does get the increased attribute chances


Well, you went the extra mile didn’t you? heh. I guess I should have done that but I was at the end of my day when I reported this and to be honest the thought never even occurred to me. But thank you for testing and confirming this. :slight_smile:

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No worries! Figured it probably helps if multiple people confirm the same issue :slight_smile:

Okay, than it is a bug I think that too.
First I thought you were referring to the points. Wonder what other fodder feed animals suffer from this.

Sadly seems this still hasn’t been fixed. Currently a ton of the pets are broken as heck in a variety of ways, every one I put a skin on for sure either breaks and doesn’t attack or has the same issue as here with wolves using the totemic food for the pict skin on them