Entering repeated crouch animation when climbing rubble in Scuttlers Shortcut

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Region: N / A (NA)

Found by Firespark81.

When climbing on a pile of rubble in the Scuttlers Shortcut and trying to climb over it or on to the pillar which it is on, the player starts repeatedly crouching. See https://youtu.be/hPf1fEBI3cs?t=559

how the bug can be reproduced:

  • Go to the pile of rubble in Scuttlers Shortcut.
  • Climb the pile of rubble.
  • Try to climb onto the pillar.
  • Player enters into repeated crouch/climbing animation.
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Hey @TheLOLxd2

Thanks for the input. Sending it to our team so they can have a proper look at it.

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