Fix climbing in next patch? (jump at the end?)

Can you please fix climbing in the next patch?
At the end of climbing, he jump, then loose grip and fall …


I notice this A LOT in the Unnamed City. The various fixtures, especially starting the climb to the Watcher, has ledges that aren’t reliably vaulted. Sometimes, the first vault attempt will fail, but holding down the climbing forward button results in a successful second attempt.

As an example, the ledge right in front of my character will always cause the first vault attempt to fail, but resisting it by holding down the climb and forward button will allow me to get on top the second time.

The other type is the egregious one. No matter how much I persist, it keeps failing. This is the part where a Fragment of Power spawns occasionally.

Vault animation triggered, but…

…didn’t go above the ledge, thus freefall pose to the surface below. This repeats indefinitely if I keep trying to climb with all buttons held down.

In order to successfully vault that raised platform, I have to grab the thicker part of the ledge, as the thinner part will always result in a failed climb.

The aforementioned probably aren’t the only areas afflicted by the dodgy mechanic, and I suspect only reported areas have any chance of a fix, so I guess I better get cracking. :tired_face:


To be clear - this isn’t intended as disagreement with the report or any reason to suggest that the problem should not get fixed - I have found a possible workaround (it’s been working well for me - but I’ve never been able to get anyone to confirm whether or not it works for them - and despite this workaround, I did still have some problems with that initial part of the climb up to the watcher recently).: as I climb, I usually wind up with the camera view positioned slightly below the character (to see how close I’m getting to the top) - as I approach the top of the climb I slowly rotate the camera view up/forward (by pushing the mouse forward…), so that as I reach the top of the climb, the camera view is now from slightly above the character. This seems to help ensure the character vaults forward instead of straight up (and back down…), and has definitely got me over several of these bad climb spots (though not the start of the watcher climb - maybe too short to get it right, or just may be more messed up than other spots). If this doesn’t make sense, let me know and I’ll try to grab some screenshots to illustrate. Whatever the case, I would certainly like to see a proper fix for it at some point - I know some people have commented that they even have the problem climbing the side of a foundation.

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Yes, moving the camera view can help sometimes.

But this problem is very painful when you are raiding or in difficult situations !!!

To fix this, the character should not jump at the end of the climb, but be placed on the top of what you are climbing. May be a new animation “end of climbing” between “climbing” and “stay on top of what you are climbing”.

We need a fix :slight_smile:


I imagine it would be a real nightmare while raiding - having to do specific things with the camera when you need to be able to look around would definitely make things more difficult.

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I was working on our base earlier today and getting to the top of a foundation was a real pain we are on ps4.

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