Entire base became "non walkable floor" some days ago

A long-time problem returns, this time with devastating effects. I am used to getting the “non-walkable floor” error when positioning a thrall, but some days ago MY ENTIRE BASE on 1035 became unusable. I usually build pillar bases, big towers, 4 or 5 floors, accessible via one or more elevators. Until last week I could place thralls wherever it pleased me, now they don’t even follow me (at least 50% of time).
Here are some screenshots… Again, I have occasionally had this problem before, but never experienced it at this magnitude. The entire base???’ Seriously???

Me too, just noticed today… cannot place my cats anywhere. cant move ones that are already placed. was able to place a cat on new construction.

Happened to me at an outpost northwest of the pens in the Volcano (F13) right after the Chapter II rollout.

I can hardly get thralls to follow me through that area now. One of my favorite things was going around knocking out Kissthis and Erii and putting them on a wheel there and taking them back to Relicwatcher Rise for deployment.

Can’t go much further past the spot where the larva occasionally shows up. Northwest of the pens in F13 where thralls start acting weird, running towards the lava river and avoiding the path to the portal that takes you to the frozen north just east of the Temple of Frost. Haven’t tried dragon mouth and down to the Well of Skelos yet but losing my “nearby” wheel of pain outpost really makes grabbing thralls in the Well not much of an option given the length of that walk back without a base in the Volcano.

Right about at the large tree they look like they’re in a collision with something invisible and trying to go around it in the image below.

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I guess this same bug seems to be getting worse. I reported the whole thing THREE WEEKS ago the first time.

Please make your own bug report. I hope Funcom manages to do something if there are enough bug reports.

This bug appears to be related to altitude. If you are high enough, thralls get stuck, dont follow, and wont teleport to you if you move far enough away. Additionally none of the rituals in sorcery benches work (grave, circle of power, transportory stone). So far the plateaus around the volcano (one step higher than the temple of frost plain) seems to be the limit.

This bug has basically made it impossible for me to continue playing normally as my main base is in the volcano area. Its been like this for THREE WEEKS.

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Om my way to the Volcano through the Pilgrim Path I dismounted to farm obsidian. My horse literally “sunk” in the terrain, no way I could get the poor animal out of it. I relogged many times and at last I was able to take him out, but still…

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