Walkable floor bug solution (maybe)

I think I have figured out what causes the “must be placed on walkable floor” bug with followers.

The issue is the game is checking where they are currently standing instead of where you are trying to put them.

If the follower is standing on a stairs, or a rock, or too close to a wall, you will get the error no matter where you try to put them.

Make sure your thrall is standing on a clear, flat spot before attempting to place them. If it is difficult to get them to walk to a good spot at the place you want them, then place them in a good spot somewhere else nearby first, then move them to the final spot where you actually want them.

I am not 100% certain this is the source of the issue and functional solution yet, but so far it is working out exactly this way for me.


This sounds feasible. I’ve had nothing but trouble placing thralls lately (duh), but often had some luck by placing them on flat ground first. Then again other times nothing will do, but that could be the Server chugging along at ~0.12 SFPS.


I will try it on console too to confirm. Yet 2 days ago I took a Janos from the wheel of pain and I couldn’t place him anywhere :person_facepalming:t3:. I am pretty certain that has to do with our connection too sometimes like @Mikey said. This happened on 3500 official that I help an American dude exile and my pings there are “lost”. My workaround was to walk in each foundation and finally I made it to place him in one. Yet officials these days, especially on ps4 perform… leave it be :confused:.
But certainly I will check what you said Tephra too.

Yes, there may be a couple more variables I could add to the above. I am not certain on any of these, you could consider them all working theories.

I think that if you have multiple followers, including a mount, it will check all of them. If any of them are standing on bad terrain, you will get the error.

It may also be that if you get the error, the spot around where you are trying to place the thrall will become “corrupted” in a way, so you will continue to get the error until you place the thrall somewhere else first then try again.

Additionally, there is the lag factor. I think this may be a desync issue, where the server could consider your follower to be anywhere.

Have you been able to place them on triangle foundations/floors?

I have another theory, which would welcome feedback on, and that’s my thralls only seem to get this message when they are following. If I click unfollow first, then select place for them to stand there is much greater chance of success. Probably just coicindece, but I hope thye get this fixed soon as pretty much evening this issue is highly frustrating.

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