"Must be placed on Walkable floor" error placing a thrall

Official server PC EU.

I get this error since fews weeks, never before. The floor is walkable and I have to try to place the thrall many time to be able to place it.

This error happen at random locations of the base.


Yep this has to be one of the most frustrating bugs.

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It is happening on ps4 also about a 3 x4 block area my wife could not place chests and this in the center of room on foundations.

“Must be placed on walkable floor” I get this almost every time I try to place a thrall on Testlive.

I’ve noticed that a lot of times I’m trying to place a thrall that has been following me and has it’s weapon drawn. What gets the message to pop up in this instance, for me, is that I’m not taking into account that the thralls weapon is drawn and thus not giving enough space for the thrall with weapon drawn animation to fit in the space I selected.

As for the times it’s happened to me with a thrall that didn’t have their weapon drawn… I have no clue.

yes, confirmed,

at grounds that never been a problem to install thralls now they are,
any inclination or something, that before never were this bug, now there is…

sadly… those are the worst times of Conan Exiles,
i play since the beta and never were so hard to play ,

lags, crashes and bugs never were so intense as it is now,

this becomes even worse because its happening AFTER so many launchs of DLC’s and the new map, makes us question if we are going to buy the next ones,

im very sad with the game right now, if any of you care about,
take a look at the other threads , showing so many REAL PROBLEMS,
crashes, lags, and others that arent not specific problems of specific people, like always happened…
no… now its an serious situation for this game,

hoping that the staff do something… like totally pausing the future developments if its needed to work and solve those problems, they need to start thinking about the after-sales, not only about sales !


After 2.1 the place radius has been widened, place them away from walls, corners, and objects.

I can confirm this too. I wanted to place a dancer on a stage piece that was placed next to the wall and this error popped up. It happened in SP mode.

yea, i saw that too,

its like not exactly an bug, but an config,

the thing is that this “new” config makes no sense,
they always could be installed in places that were OK for an human…

now with any inclination they cannot be installed, messed up config…

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