Thralls are not able to be placed

thralls can not be placed anywhere at all after the most recent patch with the message “must be placed on walkable floor”. the only other message you get is when you try to place them somewhere they normally cant go such as in a gate doorway which is the “overlapping with another object” message, when you try to place next to a pre-placed thrall you get the same walkable floor message instead of not being able to place it because its too close. this error is happening to everyone on the server and i imagine all servers.


over a week and still can not place thralls

2 weeks still no fix or response

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Also idno if you can read but it literally says that the report has been received

I think it is server lag preventing that. Don’t bother adding to this OR ANY OTHER POST … the Community will delete your post … they don’t care … am trying to post again to something that was not fixed and … I think they blocked me …

Play and buy from these guys at your own risk …

I am having this same issue in Zone F12. Have a base built here. Cannot place any thrall in this zone. Gives error message that thrall must be placed on walkable surface.

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i believe my base was H9 at the time, every time i got raided the 4 thralls i had already placed before the issue came up did absolutely nothing

Not server lag. I’m having the same issue in a solo game anywhere around the volcano, and have been having it for weeks.