Epic Darfari armors no more have heat protections

Epic armor Darfari no longer has heat resistance 2 stars ** but only one *. It’s totally useless in the volcano and other lightweight heat resistant armor that offers vitality or strenght doesn’t exist in the game. I have all the DLC’s bought, so I know what I’m saying. What are you doing, brothers? This armor has had since the beginning of the game this resistance to heat, you instead of improving the game you break it. The black blood tools no longer have 10 survival, they only have 5 now.

i’m pretty sure it always had 1 point

They were always intended to grant +5 to Survival, but a recent update accidentally doubled the stat bonuses of many (all?) wieldable items, and this was patched.

Some Epic clothes lost a bit of temperature resistance recently. I’m not sure if that was intended or not.

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With either the warmaker patch or even wine cellar, the heat/cold protection from normal armors should be the same with DLC ones.

But only in the EPIC FLAWLESS version. not epic alone… Maybe thats the problem @kari ?

Always was have 2 points **, the flawless epic armor, trust me, i play this game from the begining when it was in experimental, 3 years ago

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Can confirm. Heat resistance is only 1 now. Was 2 before (per piece).

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You should report it in the bug forum as its clearly a bug.

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