Equip and unequip weapons no longer easy

After last update its no longer easy to equip or unequip weapons.

For example: Bevor last update i had can equip and unequip a sword with shield by press the button 6 from my mouse (keyboard: Zero). If i hold the shield and sword and take a tool with shield, than press the mouse button 6 and the sword and the shield comes back. Or its go with other weapons like daggers, or two hand weapons if i press first time the shortcut button of this weapon, than take a tool, than press the mouse button 6 and the weapon comes back.

After the last update its not go. I must press the shortcut button for the shield and sword. If i set the keys of zero for the slots of the sword and shield, i can equip or unequip them, but if i take than a tool with hold the shield, than it comes not the sword withe the shield back by press the mouse button 6 (zero)

This is not good.

You can just press X or redifine it in the keybindings to your zero key

Thank you very much. You’re my life saver.
Hell, i look 20 times the key settings up and down and found not this setting, lol.
Thank you.

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