Equipmnent bug, triangle takes everthing

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [eu

Crouching near the box with contents, church, stove, etc. Takes everything from the given equipment. So after pressing the triangle close someone , we take everything to the inventory, without being in the inventory.

This is not a bug it’s intended so that you can quickly loot things like bodies, chests, and benches. Comes in handy when looting during combat. Whether you are getting resources for exile camps or looting in PVP.

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Yup! That’s intended to make it quicker to grab things as Wak mentioned.

If you press Square when the mini menu pops up you can grab things one by one. It can get confusing because taking things one at at time on the mini menu is done with X and once your in the full inventory menu for the chest or workbench, etc, the same command is mapped to R2.

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