Error after each patch

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: RU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

After each update, the game starts to crash! Every time you have to check ALL the files in the game and download 2-4 GB!!! If you do not do this, the game crashes with an error at a certain point, either immediately after uploading to the server, or after 10-20 minutes of playing! I’ve been noticing this behavior for the last 6 months! Do something about it already!

Expected Behavior:


Installed Mods:


Steps to Reproduce:

1. Waiting for a new patch to be released (from 10 KB to 10 GB)
2. Update
3. You log in to the game, log in to the server
4. Waiting for an error (Please check your files)
5. You check ALL the files in the steam, you find that several files are damaged
6. Upload another 5 to 10 GB

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Have you tried reinstalling the game? It is not something the majority of us experience. If you are running the game on HDD, maybe you have a bad sector on the drive or something.


Hi @JIeone2, welcome to the forums, we apologize for this bad experience but, as Narelle has kindly mentioned, this is one of those edge cases that might happen due to issues with the drive CE is installed to.

We’d suggest that you try to perform a full reinstall to a different drive, if possible.

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reinstalled, waiting for an update

Happened to me every patch…
First time today when I verified after the patch there was no errors,
fk’n fell off my chair.

Reinstalling to another disk did not help. The error still crashes.

I had this issue, (oddly after a forced reinstall) but ran verify files process and now working fine. Not sure what caused the issue since yesterday morning logged in various servers with no issue then in the afternoon it was reinstalling the game. Not a biggie since it all working late yesterday (although bit annoying at the time).

So I suggest trying reverify your game files to see if it resolve the problem.

Absolutely right! This will help exactly until the next update, because you will have to check the files again and download several GB. And so it is every time!!!

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