Error when connecting to funcom services

Since last week I cannot access any online game (official and private) with my account, the problem is with the account since I cannot access it from another PC and yet my friends can access it with their accounts from my PC, no It’s my connection, it’s not the files on my PC, it’s the account that in a matter of hours (I played in the morning and in the afternoon I already had the problem) has stopped allowing me to access the online game completely. The question is: where should I write to get a solution? I have written to Zendesk and the response was something like “sorry, we will send the information to the developers”, so where in Zendesk should I write to get some information other than an automatic macro?


Same problem,funcom can’t figure it out(

BattlEye ban? Can you login on servers without BattlEye?

How can I do that? I cant acces online at all

Launch the game without BattlEye or uninstall BattlEye.

Ive disabled Battleye and its no soluction, I really don’t know what’s going on, I’ve tried to contact Funcom via Zendesk to get an answer but they haven’t given me any and I haven’t been able to access the game online for more than a week

Hello. I’m also having problems connecting to funcom services. The problem is of the same nature as above. It has not been possible to connect to the online game for more than two weeks. Reinstalling the game and checking the integrity of the game files did not help me

Oh, it’s really bloody mess,I buy the game and couldn’t enjoy it,noice!!!

предлагаю всем удалить игру и не играть в это дерьмо пока все не починят.

The problem remains relevant even after installing update 3.0.3

I also continue to experience this problem. Updating the game didn’t solve it


Still the same(

Same problem, no answer from funcom . Steam says it’s a game error

Greetings Exiles,

Even if it’s not a disciplinary action, the team at our Help center is better equipped to assist with account issues. Please follow the stated on Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket. Make sure to select “Ban appeal” as the reason type.

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