Errrmagerd we is getting Elemaphants and Undeaders!

So look.

I saw a vid. With Elemaphants and Undeads that we can tame. Plus scorpions and new Rhinos!!!

Finally we can make an undead legions?

Take my bleeping money!!!


Lol can’t wait myself, pretty excited for the Turanian dlc to come out.

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I still wanna tame giant snakes. I mean, come on… Set is a religion! I want cobras or giant anaconda snakes and stuff. :frowning:

It would be great if we’d get a way to easily disable feats/recipes.

With that “witchdoctor” feat this really becomes an issue, if server admins on private servers don’t want to have undead pets/thralls running around. Yes, I’m aware that Pippi can remove feats/recipes from a player, but there’s no way to stop anyone from taking it again and neither are mods an option for console players on private servers.

From a RP perspective mostly. Personally, I don’t mind them and simply won’t be using them at all (the same goes for the frost giant or a lot of stuff from the UC).

I know that, at least on the private server I play on, the admins will look into ways to remove the feat and I can imagine many admins of RP servers will do the same…

They may not be fancy yet, but in the Live game you can pick up elephant calves and tame them. :elephant:

Well. Not to pee on anyones snow.

Elephants are a pretty awful combat pet. They so pretty dismal damage and can’t really take a hit.

Alhtough its funny watching Stompy knock people over.

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