[EU-English-PC] Odin's Spear PvP - Official Rates 1x - Fresh Start


Hi Everyone!

I, like many became frustrated with how long it takes to get into the official servers due to the capacity always being full so I thought that I would create my own server. All of the official settings are there, everything is at 1x. If you like the settings feel free to check us out! We have a newly budding community and we’re all a lovely bunch of people (at least, until the PvP kicks in! :slight_smile: ). The numbers as of this time in writing fluctuate between 2-10 people online at any one time so we’re a small but growing community.

Connection info via game client:

Connection info via steam server browser:

Server slots:
20 but will increase when filled up to a maximum of 40

Always on, but buildings are only destructable from 17:00-23:00 on weekdays and 17:00 - 23:59 on weekends

Server location:

Server uptime:
100% other than quickly installing steam updates onto the server

Everything matches the official servers, 1x rates for everything

Max Clan Size:


+1 Nice server friendly admin. Small community but growing :slight_smile: