[EU] MoosGamesTV PvP/PvE Server, 4x XP, No Gods, Raid Times, Awesome friendly Community, Discord


Hello everyone,
some of you probably already know my server and myself from my Twtich streams or YouTube videos.
I run my own g-portal server, which currently has 25 server slots and will be upgraded whenever full. This is the link to the server on Battlemetrics:
Banner for MoosGamesTV for PW search on Twitch/YouTube
The people on my server are a very very nice and friendly community, never experienced such a nice atmosphere on a server before. That doesn’t mean that there is no PvP though, PvP is enabled 24/7 and Raid times are the evening hours from 20:30-23:30 CEST.
We have Discord to communicate and the server rules are on the Discord, which you can access with this link: https://discord.gg/XtAjgrR
If you want to join us, join our Discord and read&agree to the server rules. The password is found in the server rules. My server is password protected, that means that only people who intend to stay are playing on it. That also means though, that I have to advertise the server like this to get like minded people to join us, because after setting a PW there was a drop in new player numbers (ofc).
Any questions? Ask and you will be answered.

Have a nice day,