[EU] Scarlet Bay PvE-C (Vanilla) ~3x rates

Scarlet Bay is newly found server welcoming new and seasoned players.

We offer: Vanilla like settings.
Gameplay on the original conan map (exiled lands).
Clan size is limited to 6 players
Flexible farm and xp rates slightly increased.
Flexible craftable rates slightly increased.
Flexible spawn rates for both NPC and Resources to appear faster.
Common sense rules along with the regular ones.
Active polls before something is changed on the server.
Active experienced admins and fast growing community.

Fully working discord with option for private clan rooms.
Server is based on Netherlands: Low latency and solid host performance.
We will appreciated if you give a try and share your feedback: here’s a direct connection to the server
IP: | Port = 7842.

In case you need more details here’s our discord:

Please, enjoy your stay.

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