Events in exiled lands

I play on Xbox series S, I play alone, I have not seen any events before 3.0 or after the patches, how to make the events occur.

They are random, so you just have to wait it out I’m afraid. I have noticed that the snake caravan event at pirates cove on exiled lands spawns way more frequently than any other. So spend some time around there and you are bound to see it. I’ve also only seen the tentacles in the sky only twice. That one seems rare.

Luck of the draw.

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You said it. There’s a ritual going on at the Bridge of the Betrayer every single time, except when i have a challenge to complete events.

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The event at the end of the bridge of the betrayer is pretty much a guaranteed spawn. I hit that one when I’m crossing into the highlands from the obelisk.

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Thanks for answering, I have a base near the traitor’s bridge and when I use the obelisk I pass by it, very frequently and I have never encountered the event. I have wandered around the other places that events usually take place and neither.

You need to hang out for a bit in the area they spawn. It usually take like couple of minutes for them to show up.

The ritual at the bridge and der Caravan, down by the pirates, seem to be kind of “static” enent, that repeat constantly. I never had a “random” event myself. One of my clanmates on the other hand, reportet a “Siptah Mealstrom like” event at the starter river at I5…