How many Events on Exiled Lands currently?

Dear Exiles,
Events are coming to EL, which is lke a breeze of new air.

These are the events I found:

  1. Summoning Place - evil skelotons
  2. Scavenger’s Berth - nasty shockwave emitting bugman
  3. near Teimos’ camp - caravan of snakes
  4. in front of Ruins of Xullan - monsters from darkness

They are all fun and challenging. I wonder if there’s any more?

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Supposedly there’s a second one at the Summoning Place, but inside in the altar area. I never seen that one yet though

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Grave Matters spawns at all three of its original locations, however, they’re not as common with this update. I’ve also seen a video that had surge tentacles spawn hordes at the summoning place and in sepermeru, though I have yet to come across the event. Same tentacles spawned in my server at the edge of the jungle along the river near my base, but as I got closer to my base (thinking the event spawned ON my base), I crashed. I logged back in and it was gone, with no damage done to my base. This was one of the first days and I haven’t seen it since.


Bridge of betrayer: ritual interrupted. Cthulhu junior.

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