Every patch gets worse and unplayable there were fewer bugs before the "bug patch" than now

I am a very active player and I like this game. but unfortunately it is getting worse. I have the feeling every patch brings hundreds of new bugs and the old ones stay.

thirst status is totaly broken atm
Drinks and food just disappear
opponent ki is removed, the opponents have no aggro anymore
Thralls are bugged as hell. They just disappear after taming
all objects that are produced are bugged at once
some bosses do not make damage to a player
With a shield you can now simply stop all clubs without endurance
many building parts now have different values

and thats only the bugs from the last hour ive seen

so whats wrong with your hotfixes ? :frowning:


Items such as human hearts also seem to expire far quicker than they did previously combined with the religious nerfs, harvesting one instead of two on a PvP server, this has made the game far more tedious to the point I feel like un-installing.

To put it into more detail, I looked at a human heart, it’s expiration when I checked was 16 minutes, I checked again about 30 seconds - 1 minute later and the duration had gone from 16 down to 12, 4 minutes had not passed, the duration just keeps rapidly counting down.

Our thralls vanish when we remove items in our base, we’re pretty sure we have 5+ thralls currently stuck under our vaults after they fell through the ground, my friends in an allied clan lost 20 thralls, we’ve lost a few as well due to this annoying bug and I spent over an hour trying to get our thralls out of the walls.

These are far too tedious for me to keep playing this game if they’re not fixed.


I feel ya brother. You would think they would fix the game changing bugs like failing through the ground and being able to find your corpse. I mean not finding your body has been around since EA launch… Laughable at best


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