Bad patch - many regressions - need a rollback

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [US]


This was a very bad patch. There are numerous issues with what has now been passed to the live servers:

  • Cannot loot other player benches in PvP

  • Quick loot is not reliably working (works on a fish trap, but not a campfire)

  • NPC shield use is still not functional, does not juggle the attacker

  • Cannot place (or replace, as my case was) small palisades, UI not happy about placement or connection to ground

  • On reconnection to the server, character loads below the player built structures (instead, relocating to the ground down below) where he/she was located at logout.

  • On death, respawn at bedroll is borked. Bedroll is inside a player built structure, on the outside wall. Respawned outside of the player structure, adjacent to the bedroll.

  • Map POI waypoints all cleared off of the map

  • Thralls still falling through floors

  • Journey steps tracker is getting hung up again on the starting journey steps (eat, drink, etc.)

  • Players logging in, and being stuck inside the foundations of their bases

  • Yellow lotus potions missing / nuked, no player communication

  • …because they now expire after 2 minutes

  • …and the countdown timers are all bugged - they seem to lose 20 seconds every 5 seconds or so. So, craft and chug that yellow pot super fast, boys and girls!

  • Players STILL not able to strike hostile NPCs that are under tents, or other decorative structures

  • Numerous other issues…

I really want to play this game. But this patch is significantly disappointing. You seem to have a lot of trouble with bug regression and version control. I don’t really have a confidence right now that you will be able to overcome these hurtles. :frowning:

I would recommend rolling back, and baking this patch for a lot longer. I thought that was going to be the plan, anyway, that we would not see the patch until August.

Very Disappointed,

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Most importantly benches and large chests are vanishing, which is destroying equipment, items, and thralls.


have you had thralls fall through the floor and die like i have? all my fighter /archer and dancer thralls are now missing they went off a high perch and some died others are missing.

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Yes I have. My event log keeps showing me cases where my performers are mysteriously ended up dead. :frowning:

I agree on this. I hear that they’re trying to hotfix in the next few days, but this patch simply should not stay online. It’s destroying all that people have worked on on servers that restart with it.

The patch should be rolled back until the hotfixes are applied, instead of forcing us to deal with the issues and their apparently massive consequences until then.

To be honest, Funcom should not have given in to pressure from the whiners that demanded the patch immediately, and they should have just stuck with the delay. You don’t rush a patch like this just to appease the complainers.


My Thralls falling exactly in that moment when i destroy something in my base (foundation) yes all thralls even the ones on the other side of my base :disappointed_relieved:

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This is an old bug that thralls falling trough ceilings when to dismantle something. Happend to me in the before this patch, too.

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I for one am glad they released the patch, cuz otherwise most PvE people would have been bored to death.

I agree tho, they should wipe the PvP servers ONLY, considering it’s what all the PvP folk want.

And role back the patch for PvP servers while they are at it.

I know now why the yellow potions are all missing. They now expire after 2 minutes. Further, it’s not really 2 minutes because the countdown clock loses 20 seconds every 5 seconds. :frowning:

Credit: Blyker:

I just reviewed the footage from my play yesterday. Spoil timer issue was present then, so that’s on me, friend. :frowning: I was too busy eating to notice – and it’s most obvious on stuff like hearty stew. That’s why I record, after all.


No worries, man. You cannot catch everything, all the time. :slight_smile:

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At least somebody is happy about how this thing is going:

“Developer/publisher Funcom declared today that the barbarian fantasy survival sandbox is their fastest-selling game to date, now having shifted 1.4 million copies in total.”