Rollback server 1137 asap! MOTHER OF ALL BUGS -PATCH. Game UNplayable now!

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Problem: | Bug |
Region: EU

Rollback server 1137 ASAP!! if you demolish one piece of the base, it will drop down every single thralls!!! THEY FALLED INTO DEAD. 100 thralls GONE AND ITEMS TOO!!!




TIER3-4 volcano thralls gone, items gone. thank you, hours of work gone. THANKS FUNCOM! refund or rollback.


10 thralls gone here gg!

They won’t roll back. The patch before this they should have rolled back, but didn’t. I don’t expect them to this time, especially 24 hours later. Consider it already too late.

Mother of all bugs -patch

imagine, you demolish ONE piece and it will kill ENTIRE base of thralls. and yeah we had +100 thralls.

I stuck it out through the last bad patch, but don’t think I’ll stick it out now. Not a good sign, when a game was better 3 weeks ago, than it is today.

I’m from same server 1137 and i lost half of base near Freya’s Hovel.
The First floor with workbench (with named thralls) and chests are gone same for the Greater wheel of pain in another building near Freya’s Hovel.
And there are more people claiming that their stuff is gone aswell

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Sorry man it’s too late now, I don’t think a roll back is possible. I don’t really mind except that I feel i havee been tricked into opting into an early access game

“ we’re delaying the patch it’s not ready “ Screeeeeeetch! “ Fine here it is then “ Screeeeeetch!

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It wasn’t an early access game, 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it seems like it now.

Not true man, the light armor bug was very telling. A released game is going to have some bugs under the hood, but when they are right in your face anywhere you go it’s very telling.

But I like the game. I want to get out of work today and play it all afternoon, but I’m very discouraged.

dunno, the patch before this one wasn’t bad at all. The worst thing was the loss of orbs which is not really even a problem to begin with. The vast majority of bugs last patch were related to moded servers and moded servers breaking is entirely the fault of the hosts (or SP players). This one, however, is horendeous. It’s as if it did not pass any QA at all

As much as I would like a rollback I don’t think we will get one. I too have lost about 5-6 crafting stations, 5-6 large chests with rare contents and 3-T4 & 2-T3 thralls at one of my base. Haven’t been to other bases to check the damage from Funcom. I am guessing I have lost over 80 hours of play.

Looking at the way they are patching or breaking the game I feel like I am just gonna stay out of the game and hope it will get fixed in near future. Not gonna waste time on it.

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