Mother of Bug Patch has done exactly what? this game is still alpha now

I am really disappointed because I play very active. but what about changes with the patch?
you destroyed this status with the patch that you did not test properly.

  • Thralls are broken, broken HP, broken damage and they do not attack and do not help in purges or pvp
  • Monsters/NPC´s broken. broken hp, broken damage and they do not attack, i can clear asgarath afk
  • hunger and thirst and weather status is broken
  • corpses disappear easily

These are the main points that need to be repaired.and no 500 bugfix patch that has brought 500 new bugs and has not fixed the old bugs. if I were to deliver such an achievement on my work, I would already have a warning


Well that and official servers are still unstable and crash during prime time. (Some of us have jobs/limited play time you know… It would be nice if we could play on our favorite server without having to worry about it crashing and wiping our progress/leaving us vulnerable to being killed while offline.)

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