Thank you for the patch!

I just noticed the big fix patch is queued for download, you guys heard the community complains and pushed the patch before vacation break!

I never complained about that decision, I think large updates should be done with constant supervision and not before vacation break… thats my opinion, BUT you did what the community asked for, I hope everything works great for you and for us!

  1. Vaults still OP. Not fixed.

  2. Repariring while raiding. Not fixed.

  3. Set still ignores the big god bubble. not fixed.

  4. Bases on Top of Tower/high rocks inside the small(anti orb/trebuchet) god bubble not fixed. Still unraidable if its good builded with spikes cause yu cant raid with orbs/trebuchet cause small bubble and cant place explosive jars.

Yep good patch with 95% not important fixes which are not gamebreaking like my 4 points.

This all on PvP servers.

But for fixes that are included, its good forward progress. They didn’t drop their game, like Bioware did with Mass Effect: Andromeda. They are still rolling out fixes and updates. No one is saying they have fixed everything yet with this one update, but it is still good progress and I appreciate their effort in moving towards the goal of making the game as intended (ie. things not broken).

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The Problem is they havnt understand where the priorities are. They fixed soooo many thing which arent important. PvP is still not playable.

I’m a glass half full kinda guy so I say YAY!! and thanks for the patch. Keep it up.


but they broke the bloody game.

Jorney completly broken EXCEPT wear a light armour piece.
Map Completly Broken - no longer shows or registers locations.
Torch’s burn out very quickly as they skip 20-30 seconds every 5 or 6 seconds of use.
Food/Water runs down very quickly.

Other reports of potions vanishing, Thrall taming burning through the foods there (becuase of the 20-30 second tijmer skip every 5/6 seconds).
900 bots must have tested this

It was definitely a good patch for PvE.
Your points are gamebreaking for PvP only.

But fixing PvE actually benefits PvP aswell.

Besides, PvP people ragequit eachother out of the game, fixes or not. They do have their priorities straight.


It was not a good patch PVE has a lot of issues due to the patch. It should be rolled back. people are drinking nerfed funcom cool aid is they think it was.

"When the winds of change come, some poeple build walls. Other’s build windmills. "

I’m having a blast capturing new armorers and crafting flawless obsidian weapons like EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING RIGHT NOW.

Ever thought you guys are demanding to role back the 95% who have had no problems at all !?

I think all those vanishing boxes and loot are unofficial server mod based problems.

Did your godly server admins test the new patch with the mods? OF COURSE NOT. They just updated without testing it first just HOPING FOR THE BEST!

Then blaming Funcom for when it inevitably goes south.

These thigns will be hotfixed. But to demand a roleback is irresponsible to those who have had no problems.

It sets a retarded precedence where they will roleback things for EVERY problem they are going to have.

IS THIS REALLY what we want?

Dude, there’s a thread open right now where a guy is asking for a rollback. The reason being is two of his buddies are stuck in the floor. No patch will fix that now because their xyz coord is saved now. But they are STILL asking for a rollback on the patch.

All they have to do is remove their bracelet, reloot/recraft their gear and they are good to go. But they are so blinded by their selfishness that they want us all to redownload the patch.

Have thousands redownload.
Have hundreds of mods rebreak and need recooking.
Have hundreds of servers go down for another update.

And they want us to take them seriously? Its ridiculous.


Seems like a throwing the baby out with the bathwater solution to the problem… (I’d like the new bugs fixed as well but can tolerate them for a bit so long as the servers are at least stable now which was really what I wanted them to fix before they went off on vacation, everything else could have waited but ah well… )

Exactly my thoughts.

nope, i play on offical pve server and i had to rebuild my base several times already…

I see. They made support beams decorations… 25 support vs. 100 support.

I am onboard as well. Thank You Funcom!

I was not in the Test Live but from what I am seeing flying around in Admin mode then testing as player in Steel and Aquilonian tier gear…looking better. So the small amount of fixes and losses are a minor nuisance in my opinion…seems 95% of others are on the same page.

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