A moment of appreciation?

Hey all,

I’ve noticed the negativity on these forums, and I’d just like to say that I for one appreciate the hard work Funcom is putting in to fix their game. The fact that they released the patch before vacation and are now working over the weekend to hotfix the issues/respond to community concerns shows to me that they do care about CE’s success. And I’m happy that many of the bugs that I and others have posted about in the testlive threads have been fixed along the way. So they do listen.

Sure, I’d like to see all the other bugs quashed overnight, too. As a PvE-C player, nothing would please me more than to have working Purges with correct databases. I’ve also lost countless thralls falling through the floorboards, not to mention a few chests and cupboards vanishing along the way. Quite frankly though, my entire base could disappear tomorrow and I’d still consider it $40 well spent considering the hours of fun I’ve had so far. So I try to put it into perspective.

It’s frustrating to see certain problems persist since launch and the game could definitely use a balance patch. However, I think most of us here are so passionate and loud because we do enjoy CE and want it to succeed.

Let’s hope this hotfix patches up the annoying bugs brought from the 500 fix patch, so Funcom can enjoy their 3 week vacation at last :stuck_out_tongue:


Well said @Turlututu

Nice reading something positive and constructive.


Agreed with OP.


I think so too. Funcom gave there best and worked extremly hard for us. Thanks for all u did done for us. I wish the whole Team the finest vacations :smiley: have a great time :slight_smile:


Good to know I’m not alone!

Good changes with the hotfix. Only thing left that I’m waiting for are the purge improvements

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