Everything in inventory gone

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Logged on around 12pm and 3pm and everything was fine in the base. All the animals were in the pens, everything was in the crafting benches. Logged on around 4:30pm and EVERYTHING from the entire clans inventories is gone. Armor, food, weapons. Everything from our crafting stations. The horses we had in the stables. All gone. None of this was during raid times (which are 5pm-11pm). Can we get our stuff back?

No sign of damage to our structures, and there’s absolutely no way anyone could have gotten into our base.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Not really sure. Just logged on.

If everything was in closed areas (IE, roofed and walled in), but was placed on ground (no foundations) it is possible someone is under meshing. But if you do not have ceilings, it is possible to drop from way up without dying, then looting, and climbing out.

What does your event log say about non friendly looting?

Sending screenshots of the event log would really help in this scenario if you don’t mind. What I think happened is someone got into the base and stole everything, if everything was sealed then someone could still do this if they had logged off long ago where your base stands and logged in. The game would have kept their body their and would be inside your base once logged back in.

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Hello @BbB, welcome to the forums!

Were the looted containers accessible in any way?
Please be aware that they can still be looted outside of raid times.

As it has been suggested, we’ll require screenshots of your event log to determine what could’ve occurred.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to assist with the recovery of lost items or materials as we don’t provide admin support for official servers.

This to me sound like undermeshing. Will need screenshot to help. If you are build out in the open there is the katana/daggers methods that people use to loot players and table threw their walls. You haven’t mention did your chest got looted as well? If yes we’re they lock? Did you check your event log to make sure none of clan members did this?

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