Exe of the game automatically suppressed by antivirus programms

I cant launch TSWL, because with the new version of the exe, it’s recognised as a dangerous application by my system, and it suppress it automatically, both normal and DX11 version, every time I reinstall and update them. So, actually, your game is unusable. I have a patron subscription, and I will stop to pay it and to play with your game, if you dont find very quickly a solution. And dont say it’s the fault of steam or windows defender, it’s a larger problem, as apparently Defender is not the only antivirus that recognise this game as a positive.

Windows Defender is, in fact, the only antivirus program we know of that’s currently flagging the game as a trojan :slight_smile:

The good news is Microsoft got back to us and cleared the DX11 client. We’ll make sure all the .exes are clear too. Please update your definitions and try again. Thanks!

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