Game will not start, AV flags file as Trojan

I installed and began playing late yesterday [Central Time]. I was playing through the first Dream mission fine, when I got to the Ground Zero Flashback, the game became weird and non-responsive.

I used Task Manager to exit the game, and discovered that Windows Defender had quarantined many instances of one of the games files. When I attempted to start the game up again, it would not start, but AV detected and quarantined more instances of a game file, it considered to be a Trojan virus.

My OS is Windows 10, and I installed the game via Steam.

Have you tried putting it on the exception list?

OK. I added an exemption for the folder that file was in to Windows Defender, and so far so good.

It happens once in a while that the Anti Virus Programs freak out, but exceptions should do the trick =)