An error occurred while updating Conan Unconquered (missing file rights) InstanceServerG.exe

Hello there!
As the Title says Game is unable to start after last patch, also my Antivirus (Avira) says the file InstanceServerG.exe is corrupt (TrojanTR).

Hey @Knuckle-BerryGin,

  • It appear as if your anti-Virus scanner is triggering incorrectly. Have you tried updating the virus scanner?

My AV is up to date. I also tried to reinstall the game during deactivated live monitoring and monitoring of the steam folder… so i managed to install the game and 3,7 GB of last update and now it shows harddisk write failure.

hi ich habe genau das selbe problem dein den update was rausgekommen ist kann weder spiel starten noch neu installieren wegen dieser datei InstanceServerG.exe wird immer von avira geblockt sofort! wäre nett wenn den fehler beheben tut so schnell wie möglich

I have also the same problem. My AV is also up to date. I’m on a windows 7 machine.

Hey Guys, I solved the problem somehow…u have to uninstall your AV…lol…but if u reinstall AV it is broken again…so this cant be the solution…pls patch it!

Yes, please patch it. :expressionless:

Hey guys,

I’ll look into it with the Engineer team, but usually there really isn’t anything we can do if your Anti Virus is triggering improperly.

In fact Steam Support has has a whole article on it:

the days before everything was still up to where the patch came today ^^

this answere is really disapointing…the game worked good before the last patch and there is nothing you can do? c´mon guys…
by the way the steam article wont help, its the very first game i encountered this error and i read this article long before i posted posted here.

I am also having the same issue where my AV (Avira) is claiming that the file is a trojan ( CryptEPACK). I am not prepared to trust it, if the AV is claiming it is a trojan. I really enjoy the game. It originally worked fine and has only started to have this issue with the last update. The AV did not have an issue before.

Something similair happened with Conan Exiles recently:

They can only look if their own files are the cause. If that’s not the case, then it’s a false positive. It may be an update to the antivirus program which causes this. I wouldn’t know why it doesn’t happen to other games.

I also had a virus alert of which my AV program automatically moved the file to quaranteen. (AVG)
Win32.BogEnt[Susp] (clientLauncherG.exe)

Game then would not launch with a non recognized system or OS. Looked and it does support the OS i am using (win 7).

Anyways figured that file was something and did a verify files scan, 1 file was not recognized and would be re-aquired (had to do this twice) as 1st time same message popped but 3rd time no AV message and i did nothing differant. Now game launch’s fine.