Missing files while downloading

Well then as many of the new topics this is gonna be one about the GrGranite.dll data.

I’ve recently tried to patch Conan Exiles but i wasn’t able to since im missing a specific data its the GrGranite.dll file , i’ve tried to fix it with verifying my Conan Exiles files but that didn’t work.
so i tried to completly uninstall the game with all its folders and tried to reinstall it after , but i still was missing the GrGranite.dll file in the path steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\GraniteSDK\Win64\release. (the folder was empty)

so im hoping for help , if someone knows how i could fix it , or where i could get the GrGranite.dll file , since i don’t get it when trying to download the game.

(im sorry for my trashy english)

I assume you are using Avira as an anti-virus. It is a false alarm :slight_smile:

Hi, Kuroka, welcome to the forums !

It’s a known issue with some antivirus software reporting a good file as potentially bad and placing it in ‘quarantine’, thus Conan cannot access it. Search these boards for GrGranite and you will find the answers you need. Sorry, but I do not have a link for you.

Good luck !



Well this wasn’t the problem already read about it earlier the file just didnt appear while the download , and im not using avira ^^ , but ty for the reply

There are more antiviruses that give this false positive. To my knowledge Total AV is one of them (documented on this forum), there could be others.

If this file “doesn’t download”, I guess it gets intercepted immediately, whichever antivirus you use, it is blocking it.

2 suggestions (try on your own risk):


  • disable antivirus
  • update/verify files
  • play game
  • enable antivirus (it should immediately give warning about that file)
  • select exception


  • set exception to whole Conan game folder (see link that @Narelle offered)
  • update/verify files
  • play game
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Tried that option too , still didnt work but ty for trying to help :slight_smile: , maybe a moderator or something could upload the missing files so i can download them manually

was suggested by moderators on very similar thread (will look for link if needed):
after disable or making exception - restart computer (and if disable AV, make sure its also disabled in startup - this one was the final solution)

edit: link to said thread

edit2: kill AV in task manager in the thread (but there should be a “proper” disable button in any AV software)…

hmm even this solution didn’t work :confused:

ugh. stretching now: would you be willing to share what AV you use?
Also, could you consieder reinstalling the game to another location or drive?

Also, are you CERTAIN that you disabled youi AV and started either update or verify after?

using another drive is simple, steps to use same drive but other folder are in the thread I posted above.

if you would please, could you describe a complete step by step of what your did try?

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Well i can already say thats not gonna make a big difference since im using a selfmade AV (studyed System editing and programming) , and i can already say the easiest way would be if someone could upload the missing files so im able to download them manually.

Hello @Kuroka, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately we’re unable to share any of the game’s files, we’d recommend that you disable the self-made AV that you’re using as it’s likely that its interfering with the game’s download and installation.


well tried it with it disabled still doesn’t make a difference (no offence against the support but it really looks like some of you guys are just not able to help with a easy problem)

From a fellow player:
you are in situation where something is flagging/blocking a certain file (you already know which one).
May it be your self made AV, an installed AV, windows defender (btw, did you check that?) or something else, the fact is, most (if not all) people that posted almost exact problem, got it resolved reasonably fast, by following suggestions posted either by moderators or by players with limited knowledge like me or by player with huge knowledge that have not yet have the chance to join the debate.

So, If I may be so bold: could you be more cooperative.

Most often “easy problems” get solved fast if offered full cooperation by person having said problem.

I am sorry if I am being strict, but I just want to help