Can't install Conan Exiles! Help!

I can’t install the game, because at ~43GB the error comes and shows that there is something wrong with grGranite.dll in the folder Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\GraniteSDK\Win64\release\grGranite.dll.

Please help.

Tanos, welcome to the community.

If you search this forum for grGranite you will find several posts about it. They explain it better than I can.

Good luck !




Thank you, it works for me :slight_smile: But now, ive another problem, because my CPU is extremly high every 20 secondes and it freeze for another ~5 secondes. Then my cpu is again at 40-50% and after 20 secondes again 100% + freeze. I dont know what to do. I can’t play like this

Does your computer meet minimum (recommended) specs? What is your RAM consumtion at that 100% CPU and freeze time?

If it does, could there be another process (application) that is very demanding on your CPU?

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As Meo said, CE is a large game amd places a heavy load on your system.

May I suggest running task manager in the background? Under the performance tab, and setting the View/update speed to low, you can flip over when this happens and see if your components are hitting the upper limit. That will help localize, or dismiss, a bottleneck.

From there, if you are capping a component (CPU, GPU, Ethernet, etc.) you can drill down on the other tabs. Please note that most columns can be sorted to find offenders.



I have the same problem but after setting it up in Avira it still didnt work for me. Shutting Avira down didnt help either.

did you set Avira after you update CE (and after the files were deleted/blocked). If you did not directly reenable those files, you are still (literally) out of the game. I am not aquainted with Avira, so I can only guess on its guard/delete/quarantine/block processes. But there are threads already made on that exact subject.

My suggestion: check this forum for the problem at hand. If a sollutions do not agree with you, worst case, reinstall the game (save single player files BEFORE you reinstall if you want them)

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I dont have this damn game anymore. I did so much for it but nothing helps. My Ram is at ~8GB meanwhile this game, but my computer has 16. My CPU is always at 20-30% with other games, but in Conan its crazy. My task manager had all 15-20 seconds 100%cpu at Conan. There are no other files or games, who takes CPU. Only Conan takes 2000000k CPU (~23). Conan is the only game, which destroys my computer… well i never had so much problems with a game.

Well the 16GB RAM is more than enough, but eating 8GB seems a bit much.
if you are willing to share some more more details:

  • your GPU model (I think the problem is here)
  • your CPU model
  • is (was) Conan installed on HDD or SSD?
  • How high were your settings when playing (connected with top line)
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CPU: AMD FX™-8320 Eight-ore Processor 3.50GHz
64 Bit

Newest driver: 22.05.2019

HDD or SSD: I dont know which one i have. But could be SSD.

My settings were low when playing. But there was no different, when i played this game with high or low settings.

My system temperatur (Motherboard) is at 64°C, but thats normal or?

Thank you for helping. Perhaps these informations helps you a little bit :slight_smile:

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Hello @Tanos, with your computer specs the game should be able to run at the lowest settings, but not without a few hiccups, depending on the area.

There’s also a considerable performance boost when having the game installed to an SSD, I would make sure if that’s the case, as some computers have both types of disks present and you might install to the HDD by mistake.

Depending on whether a user is tech-savvy or not, there are a few procedures that could be followed in order to diagnose problems, such as closing anything running on the background that could affect the game’s performance or, in more extreme cases, wiping the drive clean to reinstall everything, effectively getting rid of many possible driver or software conflicts.

Regarding the system temperatures, you need to check them while running the game and monitor them for a few minutes, at the least, to determine if there’s an overheating issue with any component, which may cause it to force itself to under-perform in order to try and lower its temperature.

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If you do not already have some other monitoring software apart from taks manager, I personally like GPU-Z.
there you can tick “log to file” (under “sensors” tab). The result will be columns of many different data of your computers output/performance - CPU, GPU, RAM, power, temperature…
(untick when you want to stop recording)

Using that you will be able to directly see what happens when your CPU gets 100% (does your GPU fall to 0 at that point ect)

So, if you choose to use this software, simply start recording, start the game, play, then look at results. You can also do that for other games, to compare how demanding they are on your computer.

one easy way to determine that is opening “Defragment and Optimize drives” (presuming windows10) - hit “win” key and start typing, very similar on other versions. That will show you all drives on your computer, and by each it will say either Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD)


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