Error message virus


I can’t start the game anymore. It tells me that the file contains a virus. I uninstalled and installed the file again but I still get the same message. Any advice ? When uninstalling and installing it again, do I lose all my progression in the game ?


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Hi there! There’s an ongoing discussion about this topic here:

Basically, this is a known issue and we’re awaiting a response from Microsoft after submitting the game client for review. You won’t lose any progress for reinstalling the game, as that information is stored on our servers. You may be able to tell your computer to ignore SWL and allow it - we’re certain this is a false alarm. I’m so sorry for the trouble this is causing.

I had the same issue. I generally keep my PC up to date with all updates needed being done automatically.
I use the client version.
Same date, 17th of Feb, I also had the same problem when windows defender flagged the ClientPatcher.exe as a Trojan and naturally, it quarantined the file and 4 other files associated with the game.

I did as it asked and did a full scan of my PC using windows and it found nothing.
I told it to delete the affected files from quarantine.

I couldn’t use either of these to access the game

But I could use this to open the client with

These are located in the “Secret World Legends” folder on my PC.

I then selected the option to “Repair Broken Data” from the options tab

Once it finished, I then created new shortcuts for my desktop and was able to access the game again.

I can’t guarantee it will last as I don’t know if it could be flagged as a trojan again, but it hasn’t as yet and its been 2 days now.
And I can’t guarantee that this works for everyone, or how this works for Steam versions - just what has worked for me.

Hopefully things get sorted soon from Microsoft so it doesn’t happen again.