Issue starting the game

I just downloaded Secret World Legends last night and this morning when i tried to start it it is telling me that “secretworldlegends.exe” cannot be found. Where did it go? How can i fix this? I am not that tech savy so ill need step by step on how to go about fixing this. Thanks in advance

Are you playing via Steam? If yes, in Steam there is option to verify gamefiles. You might want to do this.
You can also navigate to your installation folder (I have no idea where did you install it) and from there find “secretworldlegends.exe”, right click it and choose “run as administrator”. If you cannot find the .exe from your installation folder, then I recommend to reinstall the game

i have reinstalled the game already and the exe file is still not present. I am running through steam, i went to the properties of the game file and the option to verify files is grayed out. Im currently downloading SWL through the website instead of steam. SW runs fine its just legends.

Did you perhaps had TSW also via Steam? Do you have TSW still installed? If you do not play TSW anymore and have it installed, you can simpy open that launcher and it will patch over to SWL. Worth of a test