Cant Find This Game On Steam

Hello friends, I am having a serious issue that I cant seem to solve it anymore. I recently purchased this game ‘Secret World Legends’ from Steam. But when I opened Steam for playing the game, I did not find it out. I have no idea why this happens. Could someone please help me to solve the issue?

Are you typing it wrong maybe?

Thank you for reverting back. I purchased this exact game ‘Secret World Legends: Supernatural Bundle’.

Secret World Legends is free-to-play. You can install it from its Steam store page, after which it should appear in your library.

The Supernatural Bundle is a DLC package for SWL, not a standalone game.

Only ‘Secret World Legends’ is the free game on Steam, but I purchased this game ‘Secret World Legends: Supernatural Bundle’ from Steam and when I searched on Steam, I could not find it there.

Again, the Supernatural Bundle is DLC for Secret World Legend, not its own game. Install Secret World Legends from the Steam store and your Supernatural Bundle will appear on the DLC list for it.

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Ok I understand, but after searching online, I came across this particular post You are being redirected.... I followed one method from here to allow administrative privileges to Steam. After doing the method perfectly, the problem got solved. Now I can easily find the game on the Steam library. Thank you,

Just wondering, had you already installed the game when you were searching? Or were you searching for it so that you could install it?

No I have already installed the game, but there could be some reason, so for that reason I was not finding the game there. Anyway now I have no problem. I can easily find the game and enjoy to play.

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