Question about account transfers

This is probably a dumb question. Is there a way I can transfer my account to Steam? I think back when SWL went live I selected whatever option it was to keep my account through the original launcher. (Wasn’t thinking very clearly I guess) Just wondering if it’s possible now or if I’m stuck with my choice. I’d like to move everything over if I could!

I suspect the option is gone now, it used to be present in the accounts page, about halfway down:

I have a Secret World Legends account already and want to convert to a SWL Steam account:
If you have already played Secret World Legends but did not own TSW on Steam, you have the option to play via Steam. Please be aware that this process cannot be undone and you will ONLY be able to play from Steam once you have converted your account. To convert to a Steam Account log into the account page and click the “Convert to Steam Account” link.

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I’ve just checked my TSW account page and can’t seem to find an option (never transferred to Steam). It might be possible that it was limited time only around launch.

Edit: Nevermind. It’s accessed through the SWL account page.

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