No sound? Steam download!

Has anyone came across a fix for this? Just downloaded the game on steam, and when I launched the game I noticed there was no sound at all. Tried googling it and found some things that could have helped; tried them and still no sound. Also tried reinstalling the game. I get sound out of everything else including the launcher when it finishes its thing; but just no sound when the game is running. My sound for my computer is coming out of Razer USB headphones. I have also tried to verify game files through steam as well.

  1. Go in your in-game settings (default F10), and look at your audio settings. Make sure both “Enable SFX/Voice” and “Enable music” is ticked off.

  2. The “speaker setup” should be set to “Auto (system settings)”

  3. Check to see that the sound sliders aren’t set to 0.

  4. Go to the “Troubleshooting” tab, and try different settings in the “Sound output format”. The default is “Auto”.

  5. If all else fails, try installing the non-steam version instead and see if that works.