Oktober 2019 No Sound in Game

Hi There! Sorry for my bad english I´ve got this game as a birthday-gift on STEAM. But there is no Sound in the Game.
My PC (soundcard) could not be the Problem.
I found only old Topics from 2018 with other Users describing the same issue, but there is no solution how to fix this.
Please answer me in time, if you have any ideas, how to fix this. I don´t want to ask STEAM to refound the game.
I really would like to play it, but a Game in a mute state is NO fun at all.

Hello @AggiScha, welcome to the forums!

Have you tried to re-install or validate the files through Steam?

What’s your current soundcard and drivers? Are they up-to-date?

Is the sound for the game in the windows volume mixer un-muted?

Hi there Hugo.
I´ve use this STEAM-File check, to find any missed or damaged game-files, but it confirmed all files are undamaged.
My PC is an Medion-type with Nvidea onboard Sound and up-to-date Drivers.
And i definitively didn´t click the mute-Icon on accident.
I also try finding any possible Sound configuration in the Game Options, with no useful Solutions.

I could try this re-installing the whole game, but i don´t think this will help.

Thanks for the answer, i would be pleased if you or anyone else has other ideas?

THX a lot!

Well, the Game is working. It´s a miracle, because i didn´t do anything special.
Thanks again for the Help Hugo.

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