No audio in game after intro

I have my PC plugged into my tv, everything was working fine until I decided to change the resolution. After changing it the game appeared in a window in the top left corner cuz it was windowed full screen or something. Then after changing it to full screen boom no more audio for you. No I don’t have occulus rift or anything plugged into my tv, just headphones plugged into my pc. I tried disabling my other sound device (laptop speakers), didnt work but fixed it for other people. One very interesting thing i noticed is that when i alt tab from the game to another window i see that sound is disabled for a very brief moment, i see the speaker icon near the clock has a red x but after what seems like 1 second it changes back to normal and opening the audio mixer shows that the game has audio but i still cant hear it, and the red x happens every time i alt tab out of the game. And i have my tv set up as default device and default communication device, I tried put my speakers communication device while my tv was default device didnt work too. And i set the game to be output by tv instead of default device didnt work too. Restarting didnt work.

Hello @Lil_D, welcome to the forums!

Before launching the game, if you go into your Sound Settings, is the output device set correctly?

Does it change if you launch the game and while its running?

Does the issue occur with any other game?

With the game running, if you go to the Volume Mixer, does the game show as being muted there?
You may mute specific applications or set up different volume levels through the Volume Mixer, so it’s possible that MYZ has been muted for some reason.

yes it is.

no it doesn’t change

no it doesn’t

no its not muted I changed the game to windowed and the speaker sign with the red x doesn’t appear while in windowed but the game still doesn’t output any sound

Does the volume bar in the Volume Mixer for the game move at all while playing?

You also mentioned that you had headphones connected to the laptop, have you tried disconnecting them?

If you unplug your laptop from the TV, disconnect headphones and any other hardware, set your sound device to the laptop speakers, restart it and launch MYZ, do you get any sound?

the green bar thingy doesn’t move or appear at all

yes I did try to unplug them

I’m going to try that but what if I want to play on my tv

nevermind I can’t unplug it from my tv because the screen on my laptop broke

this solved my problem

It’s not working again. I give up in trying to play this game.

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