Exeptional reptile armor

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type PvE
Region: EU

i cant craft the exceptional reptile armor even though i have a t3 armorer in my armorers bench and i have the recipe for the normal reptile armor. I asked other people on my server and they cant craft it ether.
The wiki says that i fulfill all the requirements

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.get the reptile recipe
2.get the t3 armorer
3.open you armorers bench with the t3 armorer
4.no exceptional reptile armor available

I find quite often that the wiki is not updated to changes in the game that have happened over the past year. Have you tried with a T4?

i did not my self but i asked others on my server and one told me that he has a t4 armorer and cant build the exceptional reptile armor ether. there is also no t4 with reptile special at least according to the wiki

Good post, @SylenThunder, better than a lot of new users, welcome !

It appears you have uncovered a bug, at least to me (hoping others will chime in)

As an FYI, T3s will craft exceptional and T4s will craft flawless, but the opposite is not true.

So, if neither a T3 or a T4 can craft reptilian. To test, I put a T3 in a basic armor station and searched for ‘rep’, no results. Then I put Fia in and did the same, no results. The Wiki states an improved station is not required, nor do I have one. The only other limitation I see is level 30 and I am a 53.

(PvE online private server)

Anyone else want to add something we missed?

Good luck, gatorman.


PS: with the exception of right after an update, I have found the Wiki to be extremely accurate.

Have you retrieved a Votaries armorer yet?



The Wiki is fine in that case and T4 is for Flawless…

Wrong, on nearly every page related to Armorers or Armor you will find it.

Sorry no bug and no Wiki mistake … :smiley:

The Wiki shows every Bonus Recipes all armorers can do T1 T2 T3 T4

And then this small but fine sentence:
1 Additional: Most T3(Exceptional) and T4(Flawless) armorers can build faction and/or race related armors too.

or at the improved Bench:
1 Additional: Most T3(Exceptional (Epic)) and T4(Flawless (Epic)) armorers can build faction and/or race related armors too.

So as Multigun allready gave this hint.
Not every T3 Armorer can build every exceptional Armor, that would be a little bit to much.
If you try to build a Zamorian Dancer you have to catch an Zamorian Armorer,
If you try to build the exceptional Reptilian armor you have to catch a T3 Votaries Armorer
and so on and so on …


Like the special T3-Armorer for faction and Race related stuff in excepional quality, you also need special T4 armorer for the Flawless versions. So the Wiki will show you that you need Siesse Blacktongue for this, if you check her page or the Armorer Page or the Thrall page in general or even the Armor Page carefully.

Thrall Page

Armorer Page

Siesse Page

Armor Page


Thanks, @SirBowen, for the detailed report. Based on what you posted, I sit corrected :slight_smile:

I tend to go straight to an armor piece, in this case chestpiece, by searching “rep” and could not find a limitation not met. Trying to add that race limitation (unless I missed it) to each page would be a daunting task.

I’m glad you circled the fact that Siesse is unavailable; is that a bug?



No she was unavailable all the time.

I am a bit busy the last weeks, so i didnt found her at the volcano so far.
And i dont change entrys if i dont have a proof, but the patchnotes says she is at the volcano now.

AI and Thrall Fixes

  • Added additional spawn points for Siesse Blacktongue in the volcano

Can confirm Ms Blacktongue does spawn in the volcano now. Got her a week or two ago.

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I can confirm that Siesse spawns, too, I met her two days ago.

She’s there. Could have just asked me :stuck_out_tongue:

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