Flawless Reptilian Armor and Mod Kit Crafting

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Missing Recipe | Bug | Crafting | Misc]
Region: [EU]

I got both an Armorer‘s Bench and Improved AB, and even with a named Armorer I can‘t craft the Flawless Reptilian Armor Set. I tried both benches and even switched my armorer, but no improved versions pops up.

I also noticed that you need the normal bench in order to craft mod kits for armors. You can‘t craft them in the improved bench… ist that working as intended or just a mistake?
Never tested if this applies to any other workstation, but shouldn‘t an improved workstation always render the basic one useless?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Seems to occur in every case.

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I think you need a specific Armorer for the flawless version of different armor types.
As for the mod kits, yeah, that seems to be a bug. IF anything, they should be on the improved, since it is endgame mats needed to craft it.

One solution is right there. It’s been that way since last year. Make it in the improved. You’ll see the improved versions have “perfected” lining. Note the armor rating.

This isn’t a ps4 bug.

You may need perfected linings but you still won‘t get a flawless item…
And I tried every possible combo of armorer, workstation etc. and it didn‘t work anyway…

And because you learn this armor set in the first dungeon, it shouldn‘t depend on your armorer, just on its tier.

I just have a T3 on my IB. Here are some spoilers… list to try: https://incendar.com/conanexiles_thrall_recipe_unlocks.php
search for “reptilian”

From wiki, it looks like there is no exceptional epic or flawless epic. There should be basic, excpetional basic,flawless basic–all crafted on normal armorers table with any T4. Tthen Basic Epic. That is all wiki has recipes for.

Epic Flawless Reptilian Chestpiece:

„craftable with a T4 armor thrall in the crafting station„

But it won‘t work and they are available ingame, at least as admin to spawn. But the wiki doesn‘t mention that crafting it is disabled…

And yes, I know that does not have to mean anything.

Hi @Verjigorm, the Epic Flawless Reptilian Chestpiece should be crafted by the T4 armorer Siesse Blacktongue, and it’s intentional that it can’t craft the non-Epic flawless version.

Regarding the mod kits, we’ll register it for the developers to determine if it’s intended or not, thank you for bringing it up.

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